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Non-surgical cosmetic treatments for men

Non-surgical cosmetic treatments for men | Skinfinity Clinic

Cosmetic surgery is historically targeted towards women. But times are changing with the number of men interested in cosmetic procedures surging in recent years. A male cosmetic taboo that once existed is fading.

It’s all about the ‘tweakments’ - the little things that help you feel more confident in yourself. Men are increasingly concerned with their appearance, and it is becoming more acceptable for them to say so and do something about it. Why let the ladies have it all? In the world of equality, men are allowed to be just as bothered as women about their appearance.

It's now more than ever common practice to have a little work done here or there, with everyone from your high powered chief exec to your gardener suddenly turning up to work looking rejuvenated. Cosmetic treatments nowadays are so much easier, quicker and less invasive than they once were. It’s a bit like popping into a salon to get your hair done. By 2020, it’s believed that almost 1.5 million of us in the UK will have had a nonsurgical treatment such as Botox or fillers.

The importance of good skin care for men

Our skin is really important. Just as important as the canvas is to the painter, you have to have a good base and getting your skin in great condition will keep you looking younger for longer and also enhance any non-surgical treatments. Many people, for example, would have botox and anti-wrinkle treatments now as a preventive measure to keep their skin in good shape before wrinkles form.

Top non-surgical treatments for men

At Skinfinity we offer a wide range of cosmetic treatments and we pride ourselves on specialising in non-surgical treatments. Not everyone wants to go under the knife so we offer the less invasive alternatives. There are some amazing techniques now that can help you lift, plump, define and contour the face without needing surgery.

Our most popular treatments for men include:

  • Nose Reshaping - using dermal fillers as a safe alternative to undergoing a full rhinoplasty for a straighter-looking nose.

  • Anti-sweating treatment - studies have shown that men tend to sweat more than women, and so anti sweating treatments can be a great option for men who are affected by heavy sweating which can be embarrassing and troublesome.

  • Dermal fillers - nowadays more and more men are opting for non-surgical cosmetic procedures to achieve a more structured and masculine looking face.

  • Acne Scarring - around 1 in 4 adults in the UK suffer from acne on the face, chest, shoulders and back. Many will be left with scarring, which can severely affect confidence.

Male cosmetic non-surgical treatment prices

We offer a range of treatments to suit everyone, using only the best aesthetic practitioners, a range of the highest quality products and great locations we have everything you need to make you look and feel great.

Prices for male cosmetic treatments range from £150 to £999

Some examples include:

For more treatments and pricing check out our pricing page


If you are interested in any of our treatments or wish to find out more, contact our Soho or Leeds clinics.


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