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Combining treatments to improve sagging of the lower face and neck.

Changes to the bones, fatty tissue, and skin of the face as we age often lead to sagging of the jawline and neck. Up until recently, the only solution for this was facelift surgery, will all the associated risks and downtime. Now it is possible to redefine the jawline, improve the appearance of jowls, and tighten the skin of the neck with a combination of treatments at Skinfinity Clinic. After an expert facial assessment to assess your needs you can begin your treatment journey towards a more uplifted lower face and neck.

The three treatments involved are:

1. Dermal fillers: flattening of the cheek bones and loss of volume in the fat pads mean that the lower face loses its supporting structures above. This is one of the main causes of lower face sagging. Redefining the cheeks bones, and improving the volume and contour of the cheeks starts to lift the lower face, and is the best place to start the full face rejuvenation process.

2. Anti-wrinkle injections: strong muscles in the neck pull down on the jawline, leading to what is commonly known as “turkey neck”, or platysmal bands. These muscles also add to the effect of the sagging lower face. Muscle-relaxing injections, using the same product used to treat wrinkles on the face, reduces the downwards forces on the lower face.

3. Silhouette Soft X-lift: Once cheek volume is restored, and the downward pull of the neck muscles is reduced, the sagging areas of the face and neck can be improved by inserting Silhouette Soft threads. Depending on the individual face and desired outcome, these threads can be used to soften nose to mouth lines (nasolabial folds), mouth to chin lines (marionettes), lift sagging jowls, improve cheek volume further, and to tighten loose skin on the neck. The procedure takes about 30 minutes, and usually lasts over 12 months.

This combination of treatment works best in people with mild to moderate sagging, and Dr O’Hare will advised if surgery is a better option for you. Remember Pretty Face Finance is available to spread the cost of any treatments at Skinfinity, click here to try out the finance calculator. Consultations are free of charge, so why not call 0113 3970980 to book an appointment.


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