We have some fantastic skin tips for people of all ages!

Ever wondered if you were doing the right thing for your age to prevent wrinkles?

We found some brilliant anti-ageing skin tips for all ages beginning 20+ that we want to share.


Drink a lot of water: As we age our skin begins to hold less moisture (This is why a baby's skin is so smooth!)

Use moisturiser: It helps directly hydrate the skin and hold in moisture. Use it directly after washing your face to keep the water you used to rinse from evaporating.

Use a gentle cleanser: If you're no longer fighting your teenage troubles, use more gentle ingredients to avoid stripping your skin of the oils that it needs to stay balanced and moist.

Begin to moderate acne products: Your skin may be starting to transition from acne-prone to more 'dry'. Acid based blemish fighting products can be harsh and can dry your skin even further.


Begin using products with retinol: Retinol and Retin-A are derived from the Vitamin A complex, and are great tools for acne-fighting and anti-ageing.

Get gentle peels as regularly as possible: They moisturise, rejuvenate, and leave skin more susceptible to absorbing medicine and nutrients.

Focus on anti-inflammatories: When picking moisturisers and toners, look for ingredients like Vitamin C, Vitamin A and other brightening ingredients to minimise pores, redness and balance your skin tone.

Consider anti-wrinkle injections: Should you opt for the treatment, this is the best time - it relaxes the muscles that form wrinkles before they've even had chance to form, acting as a preventative measure rather than a belated fix.

Form your own skin team: Specifically - A great dermatologist and aesthetician. As you age, you'll have professionals who know you and your skin and who can provide expertise and regular intervention tailored to you.

Continue to moisturise: As you get older, choose 'thicker' moisturisers (cream based products over lotion based) and with a higher concentration of skin based ingredients.


Amp up your moisturiser: Look for an even higher concentration of Vitamin C and A, so that you can start trying to fight any signs of pigmentation.

Consider fillers: If so inclined, like anti-wrinkle injections, it's best to try this earlier rather than later, especially since fillers work by absorbing water (And younger skin retains more moisture, remember?)

Consider gentle lasers: Now is the time to tackle those fine lines that weren't there before, but wait a few years before trying out the big guns. (Talk to a cosmetic doctor or dermatologist about the more gentle lasers that are available)


Keep your old skin regime going: Remember to add to your regime as you get older, not replace. And continue to look for products with more nutrients and anti-ageing ingredients.

Use botox and fillers in moderation: Going too heavy on these treatments can result in that tell-tale, unnatural look now that wrinkles have already formed. Remember that less is more.

Consider more intensive lasers: Fractional lasers target deeper wrinkles.

Remember that we can help with all your anti-ageing needs. Skinfinity Cosmetic Clinic provide anti-wrinkle injections, dermal fillers, laser skin treatments, chemical peels, non-surgical facelifts and much more to help with every anti-ageing need.

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