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5 Myths About Lip Fillers

When people hear the words 'Lip Fillers' a lot of us immediately think 'Duck Lips' - all it takes is to see one person with bad, over the top lips that have been injected and it can put you off for life.

At Skinfinity we pride ourselves in working with fully trained, expert medical professionals who can give you the lips that you always wanted. Whether you would like a subtle enhancement or a fuller but natural pout, Skinfinity can achieve results that are tailored especially to you!

To clear up many of the awful things that you have probably heard, we have put together 5 myths that you certainly won't receive from us:

Lip filler myth #1: My lips won’t feel normal / they will feel funny.

At Skinfinity we only use natural products such as Juvederm, Perfectha, Restylane, Belotero that will look and feel natural to the touch, so there is no need to worry about them not feeling natural.

Lip filler myth #2. You have to get them refilled all the time because they are temporary.

This is not the case, lip fillers at Skinfinity last 9-12 months, so you will only need to get them topped up if you want to keep maintained after this time. The product only breaks down from such frequent movements such as: talking, chewing etc...

Lip filler myth #3. It will look obvious / too done (duck lips).

There is a fine line between creating a result that looks subtle and natural, versus one that looks obvious or over-done. When a surgeon uses too much filler, it produces a less-than-natural aesthetic that doesn’t appeal to most. This can easily be avoided by using a clinician who is trained in lip fillers just like our clinicians at Skinfinity. You’ll end up with some subtle changes that will make a big difference while still appearing natural.

Lip filler myth #4: Anyone can do them.

It seems like every spa and salon in town offers cosmetic fillers and other procedures to its customers. But the experts caution that you need to seek out a doctor or surgeon. Getting these injections is a medical procedure, which means it should be performed by a medical professional.

Lip filler myth #5: Cosmetic filler injections are very painful.

You might not feel pain at all, actually. With many types of injections, our doctors will offer to numb the area you are having treated with a numbing cream. At Skinfinity we also offer a dental block, which is a much better form of pain relief. This takes effect almost immediately and you will not be able to feel anything.


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