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Who has seen us in this month's VOGUE magazine?!

Its official - We are so excited because this month our fabulous Love your Lashes eyelash growth serum ( is in Vogue Magazine in their amazing beauty edit!

If you don't know already... Love your Lashes is a lash boosting serum that makes your eyelashes grow thicker, longer and darker in just 16 weeks. The serum developed from a prescription-only medication used for many years to treat an eye condition known as glaucoma. It was noted that users of this medication all developed longer, fuller lashes.

Since then, Love your Lashes eyelash enhancer has been used for some time in the US and UK as a prescription-only cosmetic treatment for growing amazing lashes. It is applied directly to the eyelashes as a lotion. It is quick and simple to use, so easy to integrate into your current beauty regime. The serum works by stimulating the hair follicle to produce bigger eyelashes.

Simply apply a small amount of Love your Lashes enhancer to the base of your upper eyelashes every night for up to 16 weeks. After four weeks your lashes will start to appear longer and fuller. The maximum result appears by 16 weeks.

We are offering 25% off for all Vogue readers so go get your copy in shops to redeem your discount at

Thank us later!

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