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I’m a Celeb & Emmerdale star Lucy Pargeter uses LaserSlim SmartLipo!

Soap Star Lucy Pargeter is a fan of LaserSlim SmartLipo.

“I heard about the SmartLipo treatment whilst watching the ‘Tonight with Trevor MacDonald’ programme. It sounded like something that could be for me so I did a search on the internet to find a local clinic, that’s when I found LaserSlim. They offer a free consultation so I gave them a call and arranged an appointment. At the consultation everybody at LaserSlim (now Skinfinity) made me feel extremely comfortable about the whole procedure. Most of my questions had already been answered by the information on their website however Dr. Zizi was very knowledgeable about the SmartLipo procedure and explained everything in detail to me. They didn’t put me under any pressure to proceed with treatment at the consultation and I left totally satisfied and confident in Dr. Zizi and his team and knew this was exactly what I had been looking for.”

“I decided to have two areas treated, my stomach which had been left with a little bit of baby fat after giving birth and my muffin tops. The procedure itself was over in around an hour and was pretty much painless, in fact the only slight discomfort was with the local anesthetic. Recovery time was amazing I left the clinic and pretty much recovered during the car journey home, its that quick! I got home and took the dogs out for a walk and then went to the supermarket, carrying on with my normal daily life straight away.”

“Its only been about 4 weeks since my treatment and I understand that it can take up to 3 months to see the full effects as the melted fat drains naturally from your body but I can see a change already. I’m delighted with the results so far and LaserSlim (now Skinfinity) made the whole process simple and comfortable, I would definitely recommend them to anybody considering this type of SmartLipo treatment.”

Check out her lovely toned tum!

Watch an interview with Lucy on ITV’s this morning here:

If you think that SmartLipo could be the ideal treatment for you, just call us to arrange a free, no obligation consultation with Dr Gareth O’Hare by calling 0113 397 0980.

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