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Surgical Ear Pinning


Skinfinity Clinic, based at Thorpe Park in Leeds are experts in minor surgery and cosmetic surgery. Our expert team have performed a high number of ear pinning procedures so you're in safe hands.

What is surgical ear pinning:

Surgical ear pinning, also known as pinnaplasty is the process of reducing the appearance of ears that protrude a long way from the skin. 

It is performed under local anaesthetic at Skinfinity Clinic in Leeds and you can return home the same day to recover in the comfort of your own home.

Ear pinning explained:

During the procedure, your consultant will inject the area with a local anaesthetic to totally numb the treatment area - This makes the procedure as comfortable as possible, and patients can normally feel the surgeon moving around the area but feel absolutely no pain.

The procedure normally lasts around one hour. Your surgeon will make an incision behind your ear and change the shape of the cartilage in your ear (that's the hard part of your ear that gives it its shape). 

During this time, if your ears are not symmetrical your surgeon may correct the shape of your ears to make them more uniform.

Once your surgeon is happy, they will stitch the incision in such a way that your ears lay closer to your head. 


Ear pinning surgery recovery explained:

Recovery from ear pinning surgery is relatively straight forward. After your surgery, your surgeon will have applied a dressing over stitches.

A few days after your surgery, your dressings will be removed and you will start to wear a headband day and night for around a week post surgery.

Some pain and swelling is entirely normal although this can be managed with over the counter medication.

Who will perform the minor surgery:

Mr Ian Smith

With over 10 years’ experience in his field, Mr Ian Smith is a highly regarded Consultant Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon.


He holds his consultant post at the Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, working at both the Leeds General Infirmary and St James’s Hospital. Mr Smith is also an Honorary Senior Lecturer at the University of Leeds.

Mr Smith's private practice with Skinfinity is based at our purpose built Thorpe Park Clinic where he performs a wide range of procedures under local anaesthetic, including ear pinning (Pinnaplasty).

Ian Smith.jpg

How much does Ear Pinning / Pinnaplasty cost:


Consultation with plastic surgeon: £150​

Single ear pinning: £1995

Both ear pinning: £2995

This treatment can also be paid for using finance -


Talk to us or book an appointment to discuss Ear Pinning (Pinnaplasty):

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Tel: 0113 397 0980

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