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Weight Management

Getting on top of your weight can be challenging, but we have a range of solutions here to help you.

The Allurion Programme

At Skinfinity,we understand that losing weight can be challenging and often requires a multi-disciplinary approach. That's why we offer a comprehensive range of weight management services, including the Allurion Gastric Balloon, to help you achieve your weight loss goals.


The Allurion Programme is a non-surgical weight loss treatment that involves placing a small, swallowable balloon into your stomach. The balloon takes up space in your stomach, making you feel full quicker and reducing your appetite.

The Allurion gastric balloon is an effective weight loss solution that can help you lose up to 20-30% of your excess weight in just six months.

After the Allurion Gastric Balloon passes, patients are provided with a comprehensive weight loss maintenance plan to help them sustain their weight loss results. This includes dietary and lifestyle recommendations.

What is the Allurion Programme?

What are some benefits of the 
Allurion Programme?

  • No Surgery Required​

  • No Endoscopy Required

  • No Anaesthesia Required

  • 20 Minute Placement Time

Throughout your Allurion journey you will be provided with a range of devices that are integrated into the programme as a standard feature to support you in monitoring your personal progress and changes.

Full body composition scale measuring:

Measures weight, BMI, Body fat, Muscle mass, Bone, Body water, BMR, Visceral fat.

Health Tracker:

Measures steps, exercise, sleep and heart rate.

Allurion App:

Track your personal progress using the Allurion App. This information can also be shared and monitored by your dedicated clinical team.

What will I receive on the Allurion

How to find out more about the
Allurion Programme?

To find out more about the Allurion Programme and embark on your weight loss journey, visit our webiste now!

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