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Plasma BT

Shortlisted for the "My Face, My Body" award for the 'Most innovative aesthetic treatment of 2016', the Plasma BT machine can be used for a range of different anti-ageing treatments

There are two types and distinct functions of Plasma BT

Plasma BT

Non-surgical treatments for eye rejuvenation (upper and lower eyelid/eyebag removal), crows feet, wrinkle reduction, skin tag removal.


A needle is used to target the plasma very precisely at the area required. This treatment uses a process known as ‘sublimation’ to effectively treat a variety of skin problems as well as triggering collagen renewal. This treatment is ideal for:

  • Improve eye-bags and eyelids with a result similar to surgery but involving no surgical incisions. 

  • Wrinkle treatment – non-ablative lifting and regeneration

  • Scar treatment

  • Acne cysts/spots, skin tags

Plasma shower

Active acne, pigment removal, skin regeneration and tightening.


A separate handpiece is designed to remove bacteria and aid absorption within the skin, stimulating skin regeneration and boosting collagen for clearer, healthier and firmer skin. This treatment is ideal for:

  • Acne treatment

  • Skin regeneration (tightening the skin)

  • Pigmentation treatment – promoting a clearer complexion, improving skin tone

  • Inducing absorption of serums or solutions, chosen to suit the patient’s skin needs

  • Wrinkle treatment

Treatment and aftercare for Plasma BT:

As with all treatments at Skinfinity, you will only ever be seen by our highly trained, experienced medical team. All our doctors or nurses who have undergone specialist training to offer Plasma BT treatments in our clinic.

A follow-up appointment is offered one month after the procedure is carried out, although as always you are encouraged to contact your Skinfinity doctor at any time with any queries. 

How much does Plasma BT cost:


Plasma BT Surgical Costs

Upper and lower eyelid/eye bags: £500

Upper or lower eyelid/eye bags: £300

3 sessions (upper and lower eyelid/eye bags) including aftercare products: £1400

Mouth or neck: £400

3 sessions (mouth or neck): £1100

Plasma BT Shower Costs

1 session: £125

4 sessions: £400

*All multiple booked sessions must be paid for in advance

We also offer 0% finance on all our treatments.

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