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A leader in skin health - Available from Skinfinity.

Skin is the largest organ of the body - Let us look after it for you.

Obagi - Innovative, scientific skincare:

We believe skin care is more than “correcting” or even “preventing,” it’s about unleashing your skin’s full potential. That’s why at Skinfinity, we use Obagi to create inclusive treatment plans with products that support the diversity we all bring to the table. It’s about using scientifically backed, clinical-quality formulations to promote healthy, future-facing skin.


We see the future of skin care ahead of us, and we’re making a conscious effort to make sure everyone is represented—not just for today but for many more tomorrows, too.

As with all treatments at Skinfinity, you will only ever be seen by our highly trained, experienced medical team

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Obagi Systems:

Obagi create a number of different skincare systems for treating a range of skincare concerns. 

We use our specialist skin scanner to assess the surface as well as the deeper layers of your skin and make recommendations on products based on evidence and clinical experience, ensuring that you can make a well informed decision on which products to buy to get the best out of your skin!

We can supply prescription only items from Obagi through our medical prescribers as well as bespoke non-prescription items.

Book your skin scan to start your skin journey today.


What can Obagi treat:

Obagi can be used to treat a wide range of skin conditions including:

  • Active acne

  • Blemishes

  • Poor skin texture

  • Dry skin

  • Issues around the eyes

  • Lines and wrinkles

  • Meslasma, uneven skin tones & dark spots (hyperpigmentation)

Is Obagi right for me:

All Obagi products are tested and proven on all skin types on the Fitzpatrick scale - This means that they are suitable for all types of skin and is a product range that is diverse as we are!

Due to the prescription nature of the some of the Obagi range, it's impossible to say which products are suitable for you, so book in for a free consultation or premium skin scan to assess your needs today!

If you are unsure about which Skinfinity treatment is right for you, please contact our expert team today to discuss your treatment options.

Before & After:


How much does Obagi cost:


Due to the bespoke nature of Obagi treatment plans, giving a price over the internet isn't easy. Why not book in for consultation to get an exact price based on your requirements?​

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