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Mole Checks

Skinfinity Clinic, based at Thorpe Park in Leeds are experts in mole checking and mapping in Leeds. 

We can give you the peace of mind that everything is OK, or if it's not, we have the right experts to help you back to full health.

What are moles:

Moles form when the skin on your body grows in a cluster rather than being spread throughout an area. 

Because of the composition of these clusters, they are often darker in colour than your normal skin tone, and are prone to darken in the sun.

Moles are normally nothing to worry about, but a sign in shape, size of colour can sometimes be an indication of melanoma (a type of skin cancer)

Assessing a mole yourself isn't the best way to check if it's normal, but seeing an expert is. Our team, including consultant plastic surgeon and skin cancer specialist Mr Ian Smith are perfectly placed to give you the best advice and ensure everything is as it should be.

What is a mole check:

As part of our comprehensive range of services, we offer a mole check service. This involves a comprehensive assessment of all of the moles of concern and where appropriate, we can take a biopsy and send this away to our laboratory for testing. Please note that an additional fee for biopsy testing applies. 


Our Consultant Plastic Surgeon, Mr Ian Smith is the lead clinician for sarcoma at Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust and offers a full private service at our Thorpe Park Clinic.

Our team will thoroughly examine you from head to toe, not just skin lesions that may be of concern to you. This thorough service reduces the risk of us missing any areas at risk.

The appointment includes assessment with a Dermatoscope, a device used for the magnification and examination of the skin. If we believe an area to be of concern or require testing, our team can take biopsies and send them to the lab to assess for anything of concern. 

In some cases, we recommend assessments at periodic intervals in time to ensure your safety and best care. These may be six monthly or yearly.

An important part of looking after your skin is the proper care and protection of your skin. During this appointment our team will aim to advise you of the early warning signs of skin cancer and how to best protect your skin from damage.

Who will oversee your mole check:

Ian Smith.jpg



Mr Ian Smith

With over 10 years’ experience in his field, Mr Ian Smith is a highly regarded Consultant Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon.


He holds his consultant post at the Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, working at both the Leeds General Infirmary and St James’s Hospital. Mr Smith is also an Honorary Senior Lecturer at the University of Leeds. He is the head of sarcoma at Leeds Teaching Hospitals.

Mr Smith's oversees all mole checks at Skinfinity, and is a safe pair of hands when it comes to your care.

Skinfinity Team

At Skinfinity, we have an in house team of expert doctors and nurses who are able to offer you advice on a whole host of skin conditions. You can opt to see any of our clinicians for a mole check, and Mr Smith can review any areas of concern. 

Can you remove moles:

Where appropriate, we can remove a wide range of skin lesions and moles with our in house private minor surgery service, led by Mr Ian Smith and supported by Dr Valencia.

It may be necessary to remove moles if they are suspicious or cancerous and also if you are worried by their location or the way they affect your appearance. The NHS has strict guidelines about removing moles for aesthetic reasons, but when you come to us as a self pay patient we can remove anything that is clinically appropriate.​

Biopsy & Histology:

Some procedures require us to take a biopsy and send for histology results. This allows us to advise you on any further treatment required.

Our strong links with local hospitals and labs ensures an efficient turnaround for your piece of mind.


How much do mole checks cost:

Mole checks in Leeds cost £150 and mole checks including a biopsy when required start at £375.


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