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What is the difference between regular skin care products and medical grade skin care?

Introducing Tebiskin skin care products

Magazine, radio and TV adverts regularly feature our favourite celebrities claiming that their flawless skin is all down to those popular highly marketed, fancy packaged skin care products that you can buy from your local supermarket.

Deciding what to invest your money in and obtaining the results you really want can be not only extremely frustrating, but confusing too. It all comes down to understanding the difference between regular skincare products and pharmaceutical grade skin care.

Over the counter products (Your ‘regular' products):

Over the counter products (OTC), are skin care products that are accessible through drug stores or supermarkets. They can be purchased and used by anyone without consulting a skin specialist. This happens because all OCT products have a low number of active ingredients. Studies show that 90% of the contents found in their products consist of water and filler. Sadly that leaves the remaining 10% to the ingredients that actually treat your skin for what you want to treat it for. OTC products are not approved to penetrate the outer most layer of your skin leaving all active ingredients sitting on dead skin cells!

Someone suffering from acne, developing sun spots, or seeing the first signs of aging need skin care products that penetrate the deepest level, not sit on skin that is constantly shedding. Over the Counter products are meant to have a long shelf life, several of the chemicals added contain carcinogenic and synthetic ingredients affecting the safety and efficacy of the product. With that being said, a scary fact, OTC products are not required to have any clinical studies done.

OTC products certainly have an affordable price tag, but when you look at the active ingredients and what the product is going to do for your skin, it’s almost like purchasing a very expensive bottle of water!

Medical grade skin care products:

Medical grade skin care products are known for their high concentration of active ingredients. You can only buy them from clinics that are ran by specialist medical staff. A consultation with a Dermatologist, Nurse or certified Medical Aesthetician is required to purchase these highly-concentrated products so you can be sure you are investing in a skin care line that is going to transform your skin. Medical grade skin care products are scientifically proven to work through years invested in clinical research. Their studies have been published in numerous medical journals, this and their high concentration of active ingredients is why they are found at a higher price margin than OTC products. They are formulated to reach the deepest levels of the skin to help produce cell turn over, collagen, and elastin production reducing fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, acne scaring and other problematic areas.

Professional advice is a must when choosing skin care products. At Skinfinity, our doctor will analyse your skin to figure out exactly what it needs. Whatever your skin type, or if you have a skin condition, we have the education and the training to help you transform your skin with our range of Tebiskin skin products, excellent for treating any of the following:

Oily skin, acne prone skin, light to moderate ageing skin, severe ageing skin, dry and very dry skin, pigmentation, rosacea, stretch marks, low elasticity, thickened skin with poor oxygenation, sensitive skin, hyper reactive skin and much more.

To book a skincare consultation or to purchase any of our skincare products call us on 0113 397 0980.


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