Achieve the perfect brows you've always wanted with our microblading treatment, a semi-permanent make up technique performed by our specialist clinician.  

Microblading: for fuller, thicker brows

Beautifully shaped eyebrows frame the face and create a synergy that harmonises all the features of the face, accentuating the eyes to make the face look more attractive. Correctly shaped brows can add an instant lift making you look more youthful. For those who aren't naturally gifted with thick, full eyebrows, there's a service that can help: microblading. 

What is microblading?

Microblading is a semi-permanent make up technique. Microblading involves using a handheld pen-like tool which has tiny, fine-point needles that make up a small disposable blade that helps scratch and deposit pigment simultaneously under the skin. The tool is used to mimic the natural hairs of the brow by creating realistic, fine, hair-like strokes and blending these new tiny hair strokes with the existing brow hairs for a more natural finish.

Treatment and aftercare for microblading

At least 24-48 hours prior to having Microblading you must have a consultation and perform a patch test. This will allow us to assess your skin suitability for the treatment and test for any allergic reactions.

A full past medical history is required and a history of any medications you may be taking as some may be contraindicated to the procedure.

Our specialist clinicians are fully trained in skin colour analysis to select or mix the best pigments to complement your skin tone, hair colour and to suit your individuality.

How long does it take?

For the first Microblading session, the entire procedure should take about 2.5-3 hours. During this session, our clinician will measure, map out, tidy up, style and design your new brow shape.

A second Microblading session takes place 4-6 weeks after the initial session to have any minor necessary touch ups. This session will take approximately 1.5-2 hours to complete.

Aftercare for microblading

An aftercare kit will be provided which includes tattoo soap and tattoo aftercare cream, as well as any other grooming tools that may have been used.

After the procedure, redness and maybe slight swelling in the area is normal. The colour will appear very dark at first but will fade by up to 40% as it heals. In the following days, the eyebrows will continue to be dark and you will notice slight scabbing. Do not pick at the scabs as this may damage the skin and the outcome of the microbladed area.

It takes approximately 7-14 days for the brows to heal over, and about 1 month for the colour to fully set in. The true colour will reveal itself once healed.

How long does microblading last?

Microblading typically lasts 1-3 years, depending on skin type and age. Skincare routine and lifestyle will also affect the lasting effect of the pigment: patients who tan or use products with AHA or Glycolic Acid will fade faster. 

Each individual's colour retention within the skin will vary. To maintain the brows looking fresh, we recommend a touch up every 12-18 months. 

Is microblading right for me?

Microblading is suitable for both men and women.

There are many clients who can benefit from Microblading such as:


  • Daily wearers of make up

  • Those with very minimal natural eyebrow hair, sparse/thin eyebrows or no natural eyebrow hair at all due to over-plucking

  • Those who exercise regularly, Athletes, Trainers, Swimmers etc

  • Those who have very light eyebrow hair and would like something more permanent than frequently tinting their brows 

  • Those who have had eyebrow tattooing or microblading before in the past and need a colour or shape correction

  • Alopecia or trichotillomania sufferers 

  • Chemotherapy patients 

  • Those who have suffered hair loss/scarring from injury or surgery

  • Those with certain disabilities who have trouble applying make up 

  • Those with impaired vision 

  • Allergy sufferers 

Microblading - before and after photos

How much does microblading cost?

Treatment Price: £250

This includes after care kit and top up treatment (4-6 weeks post initial treatment)


Top up: £50 
Please note that certain brows may require an additional 2nd top up appointment 4-6 weeks post the 1st top up mentioned above - depending on certain skin types

We also offer 0% finance on all our treatments.

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