Cellulite is the name given to the dimples and bumps in the layer of fat under the skin, most commonly on the buttocks and legs. It is caused by a number of factors, including hormones, genetics and a diet high in processed food. 


Often referred to as “orange peel skin”, Cellulite can affect self esteem, confidence, and dictate our choice of clothes. 


The orange peel appearance arises when areas of the fatty layer under the skin clump together, separated by fibrous bands. This is what causes some areas to form dimples and others to forms lumps. 

As with all treatments at Skinfinity, you will only ever be seen by our highly trained, experienced medical team. We offer cellulite treatments in our London and Leeds clinics.

Treatment for the removal of cellulite

At Skinfinity, we use a combination of 2 treatments to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

  • Cellu-erase: this quick and effective procedure is used to reduce the appearance of any larger dimples caused by cellulite. It takes minutes, but the results are usually permanent.

  • Strikecell mesotherapy: A course of cellulite-busting injections are given into the deeper layers of the skin, helping to smooth out the “orange peel” appearance. 4-6 treatments given at weekly intervals

How much does cellulite treatment cost?

Your first treatment will involve a combination of the two treatments, followed by a course of Strikecell mesotherapy alone. 

Cellu-erase and Strikecell mesotherapy: 



Strikecell mesotherapy per treatment:


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